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Coming Again Soon...


Pick out your best Bey and come battle other bladers to see who will come out on top!  Limited to 32 participants.


  • Register for the tournament so we can set up the battles in advance (see pricing and details below)
  • Pick out your best Beyblade Burst and come on out to Playfit!  
  • First Blader to 2 points wins each battle
  • Winners continue through to the next round 
  • Last Blader standing - wins! (Prize TBD)
  • You may come and play as early as 4pm with your paid admission - we allow outside food, so make a night of it! We will have pizza for purchase at 5pm :)
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Rules of the tournament:

  • This event is most suitable for children 5 years+
  • We will have the main battle arena that the official games will take place on.  You are welcome to bring your own arena to have practice battles against other kids when not competing
  • Bring whatever Beys you want, but remember, you will use the same one Bey for all your official tournament battles
  • Hasbro brand Beyblade Burst and Beyblade Burst evolution tops are both able to be used, but not SwitchStrike tops.  Zip cord and string launchers are both able to be used.  Please bring an additional launcher/top if you have it - just in case!
  • We also suggest you take an inventory and/or mark your items to ensure you don't lose any or they get mixed up.
  • Parents should be present to supervise their children for the event.  Regular play admission applies to any siblings attending and all regular Playfit rules and policies apply (including socks for everyone, adults too!) 
  • Referee decisions are final.  Participants are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times.  This is an unofficial tournament we are setting up for the kids to have a good time.  We have no affiliation or connection with the makers, distributors or WBO.
  • Payments are not refundable but are transferable up untila specific date. Please ask for details if needed.
  • Playfit reserves the right to limit the number of participants and/or adjust the tournament set-up/rules any time leading up to the event date
  • Any questions, please call and ask before registering for the event.

how to register:

Details to come!