Floor game Reservations

NEW! Parties are able to reserve this Floor Game Room (Beam Game) for exclusive use for their party guests!

Upcoming Reserved Timeslots:

The Floor Game Room will be unavailable for general use during the following times:

beam floor.png
  • No Upcoming Dates

More Info:

The Floor Game Room will be unavailable to everyone except the guests of the designated party during a reserved timeslot. This add-on is subject to availability and may not be possible on all timeslots (if already booked). We have selected specific 30 minute blocks for this add-on so general admission guests will have an opportunity to use it during their visit.

JULY/AUGUST 2019 Parties: This options is able to be added on at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Starting Sept 3/19, this fun party add-on will be an additional $50+tax for 30 minutes (also extends your party by 30 minutes! ie. Package #1 would become 2.5hr instead of 2hr).