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Thank you for recently hosting your party at playfit kids club!

We are always striving to provide the best experience for our guests and would appreciate any feedback you can provide.  This short form will take only a couple minutes to complete, and will help us ensure we are providing the best service, value and overall experience.  You can choose to have the form anonymous, or you can include your information and we will get back to you if you desire.

Did a Playfit representative introduce themselves?
(at the party room)
Were you advised juice & snacks are unlimited? *
*Not Applicable to Last Minute or Room Rentals (pkg 5) and some custom bookings
Were the red drink tickets explained to you? *
*Not Applicable to Ultimate Bash (pkg 3), Private Facility Bash (pkg 4) and some custom bookings
Were you asked if you required candles, a lighter or a knife for your cake?
If applicable; Does not usually apply to Corporate Bookings and other celebrations that do not have a cake
Overall Experience Survey *
Overall Experience Survey
Please answer to the best of your abilities
The booking process was easy and met your expectations
You were made aware of all the party expectations at time of booking
Staff Members were welcoming and approachable at the party
Staff Members checked in on the party to your satisfaction
The party room was clean and tidy
Party supplies were stocked and tidy
Pizza was on time and as ordered
Length of the party was sufficient
Overall, you feel the party was a good value for what was included
Anything you would like to see as an add-on option to the parties?
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You would recommend hosting a party at Playfit Kids Club *
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Party Date