Party Policies & Contract Information

Remember to review our Frequently Asked Questions too!

  1. Pizza will be delivered 1 hour into the party unless otherwise arranged in advance. PIZZA ORDER must be submitted within 48 HOURS of the party, if not, Playfit will order on your behalf. This order will be final. Outside pizza is not permitted at the party; $25 fee if policy not followed. Gluten Free, Vegan and Halal options available – ask for details.

  2. ITEMS NOT PERMITTED: nut products, food with powdered cheese on it (ie. doritos or cheesies), pinatas, confetti, face painting, noisy horns and alcoholic beverages. $300+tax PENATLY FEE applies if alcohol is brought into the facility. All other listed items will be asked to be removed from the facility.

  3. You are welcome to bring in your own cake/desserts, sandwiches, side dishes, drinks.

  4. All party items are to be kept in your designated party room at all times (i.e., loot bags, balloons, food, drinks, gifts, toys, and supplies). We do not provide decorations, including tablecloths. You may bring your own. Regular tape only; NO Tacks, double sided tape, etc. (damage to the walls will result in a fee; see #8) Any items left in the room will be assumed unwanted and discarded at the end of the party.

  5. SOCKS ONLY FOR ALL GUESTS; Children & Adults (even if not using the equipment). Socks are available for purchase for $2 (incl. taxes). No bare feet or shoes are permitted past front reception. Strollers are not permitted past front reception. Please communicate this policy to ALL guests.

  6. Begin to remove your items within the last 10 minutes of the booked timeslot. There is a 5 minute grace period to be out of the party room once the timeslot has ended and a $25 fee/per 15 minutes will apply after that. Only remove your own items, we do the clean up!

  7. You will ensure your guests leave the facility after the party timeslot has ended. There is a 15 minute grace period to be signed out and a $25 fee/per 15 minutes will apply after that.

  8. A minimum $30 cleaning fee will apply for vomiting and/or related/excess mess (excessive spills, icing on walls/floors, confetti/glitter, damage to walls from decorations, etc. not an exhaustive list)

  9. You will ensure your guests use the play equipment and facility appropriately (staying in age appropriate areas, feet first down slides, no misuse/removal of equip, no disruptive/violent play & related). You and your party guests will respect and follow all Playfit Kids Club rules and polices which are posted in our facility and on our website here: PLAYFIT RULES

  10. Each parent / guardian will be required to sign the acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liability when they arrive with their child.

Additional Notes:

  • Party Rooms are assigned by Playfit. Requests for specific rooms will be considered but are not guaranteed.

  • THE PACKAGE CHOSEN CAN NOT BE CHANGED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF PARTY. Any changes/alternate requests to your original reservation may not be possible (although we strive to accommodate).

  • We reserve the right to restrict number of adults and/or apply additional charges if actual attendance is higher than originally reserved/paid.

  • We follow up to 1:1 child to adult ratio policy (does not apply to pkg 3 & 4) that we expect all booking party parents to respect and adhere to. Minimum is 8:1 for supervision. If over the 1:1 ratio, you will be charged $8/addtl adult.

Payment:   In order for us to provide you with the best party experience possible on your special day, we require full payment of your package when booking your timeslot (50% for package 3 & 4). 

Non-Refundable Deposit:  A portion of the full payment is a non-refundable deposit (serves as a reservation deposit). For package 1, 2 & 5, the non-refundable deposit is $50. For package 3 & 4, the non-refundable deposit is $100. 

Cancellation: If you provide us with a minimum of 1+ weeks' notice, we can move your payment to a new date for your party (may not apply during seasonal peaks, school holidays and related high volume programming/events). If you change your party date less than 1 week before, a $50 re-booking fee will be applied. 

Custom Party Packages:  Some terms of Custom Party Packages may differ from the above stated information.  In these cases, all terms and policies specific to that custom event will be stated on the individual custom party contract.