Foam Air Rockets - Blew us away!

Monthly Maker Club: Foam Air Rockets

This month's Monthly Maker Club was Foam Air Rockets, and WOW!  It was fun! 

After a quick safety lesson from Tinker Truck Cam, the kids were ready to create their rockets.  Parents were ready with an extra set of hands if needed (or take a stab at making a rocket of their own!)

After some serious creating, it was time to get down to launching! 

We are working on getting some videos up here - that's the best part!

Tinker Truck never disappoints with projects the kids enjoy making and learning.  It's all about the process with Tinker Truck and the kids really got to focus on that this time around.  After some test launches many went in and modified their original designs to make their rocket shoot straighter... and higher! 

Our next Maker Club is Thursday, July 13th: Portable River Experiments.  Check out all Maker Club details so you don't miss out!