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Thur, Jun 13: 6pm start

Does your kiddo have a hidden (or not so hidden) talent?! We want to see it! Singing, Dance, Instrument, Magic, Juggling, Gymnastics, bottle flipping ... whatever!

Children will have 1-3 minutes to showcase their talent in our playground block pit. All guests in attendance will vote on a winner and every participant will have a chance to win a participation prize! (done by a draw)

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Entry is FREE for the talented kiddo (includes 2 free adults); regular admission rates apply to guests (it's only $6.95+tax after 5pm per child 😉)
Age Guideline: Entrants 3 years old up to age 12 years old can register



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Playfit will call and confirm your registration into Playfit's Got Talent!
Children will have 1-3 minutes to perform their talent in our block pit!
All songs will need to be approved in advance by Playfit before being used. If your child does not need music, we will have background music playing. Feel free to provide an idea of song to use
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Thank you for your interest in participating! Entry is Free for the entrant (and 2 adults), regular admission rates apply otherwise.