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This Summer is SIZZLIN’ at Playfit!

Join for weekly, awesome events at Playfit this summer!

Some events have limited space - Sign up and pay in advance to secure your spots! Spots are filled as payments are received.

Each event in included with the cost of admission that day! Some exceptions apply - see individual event for more details.


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$9.95+tax per event (or discounted VIP rate of $4.95+tax)
Cost per event: $7.95+tax (or discounted VIP Member Rate $4.95+tax)
Date selection *
Check All events you would like to register for: Cost per event: (please note age restrictions where applicable) * 1-2yrs: $7.95+tax * 3+years: $9.95+tax * Discounted Member Rate $4.95+tax Home Depot Workshop Aug 29: Included with Play Admission (coupons and VIP passes CAN be used on this event)
OPTIONAL: Pizza and Drink Add-On
Pizza Slices are available for purchase before/after the events. * Each slice is $1.50 (tax includ.) Slice Options: Cheese or Pepperoni & Cheese *ADD ON a drink $1.00 (tax includ.) per slice. Drink options: juice box, can of pop, water bottle. Selection varies and is made on the day of the event) PIZZA DELIVERY TIMES: Tues, Aug 27 - Squishy Soap Workshop: 12pm DELIVERY
Are you interested in adding on Pizza & Drinks?
By selecting YES, our staff member will ask you for your pizza order when making payment. You can decide not to order pizza/drinks at this time if you like. Limited additional pizza will be available to purchase the day of each event.
Reminder, your spot(s) at the event are not secure until you have PAID. Payment can be made with a credit card over the phone (no visa debit over the phone), or cash/debit/credit in person. Spots are not held and are filled as payments are received.
Reminders and Important Info: *
*Playfit representative will review which events and how many children are attending when you provide payment to make sure you are all good to go! * Payments are not refundable but are transferable (to store credit or some one else) with more than 48 hr notice of event date. Less than 48 hr notice, payment is non-refundable or transferable. *All regular Playfit Rules and Policies apply. Including SOCKS for everyone (grown-ups too!)