Have duplicate toys on hand? Looking for that one toy to complete a series? Come meet other toy collectors, make a trade or two and maybe even make a friend! All Trade Night participants will be entered into a draw to win a themed prize that night!! Play in the playground before and after making some epic trades!

NO DUPLICATES? No Problem! Bring your toys to show and play with other fans and still be entered in to win the nightly themed prize!

Select Thursdays 6-7pm: FREE with admission (It's only $6.95+tax after 5pm for all ages!)  See below for upcoming dates! 

Every Trade & Play Night is Happy Meal Toys and one other themed toy!

IMPORTANT NOTES: Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. All ages are welcome. All trades should be supervised by participating children's accompanying adults. All Playfit Kids Club rules and policies still apply.

LOL surprise.png

APRIL 26: LOL SURPRISE & Happy meal toys:

On this special Trade & Play night we will have bowls of ice water to do colour changes as well as to see if the dolls cry, spit or tinkle! We will also be doing a LOL Ball unwrapping this night! (Starting at 6:15pm-ish)

No duplicates to trade? No problem! Come anyway with your collection to show and play with other LOL fans as well as still be entered in to win the prize that night!

pokemon tcg.png

May 24: Pokemon Cards & Happy Meal Toys

lego minifigures.png

Jun 28: LEGO Minifigures & Happy Meal Toys

Bring your minifigure collection to Playfit! There are no rules, you can trade full minifigures, just accessories, maybe some hair/hats - the possibilities are endless!

CHECK OUT THE OTHER THEMES BELOW COMING SOON!  Do you have ideas on how we can make Trade & Play Nights better or other themes we should look at?  Fill in the form after the upcoming theme pictures!

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